Innovations concentrated.
On the essentials.

What makes an application perfect? Successful communication. ASi-5 transmits energy and data on the same cable, the only fieldbus system that does not need plug connections to link energy and data. The advantage: common cable harnesses in parallel wiring are replaced by the reverse polarity protected ASi cable, rendering the system electromagnetically compatible (EMC) without additional cost-intensive shielding.


ASi-5 also allows the uncomplicated and cost-efficient integration of IO-Link or HART: The host systems simply provide the interfaces, creating multi-point connections. Parameter and diagnostics data can be parallelly transmitted independently from process data – in any amount necessary. This makes ASi-5 the ideal shuttle connecting IO-Link or HART devices to upper level Ethernet fieldbus systems.


With ASi-5 even the integration of safety is highly efficient: Safety-critical and conventional applications run on one infrastructure, and can be mixed and matched without restrictions, with ASi-5 enabling operation of 96 x 16 safe inputs and outputs.


Compared to parallelly wiring every single sensor and actuator, ASi piercing technology makes connecting, replacing or moving of components seem like child’s play: easy, safe, fast, and inexpensive. Systems can be easily and quickly extended; hot plug-in is possible anytime and anywhere. Design and documentation can be done almost effortlessly. New components can be integrated into the system without complex construction calculations.



ASi-5 is topology-free, additionally simplifying the design of the system and guaranteeing installation flexibility – without cost-intensive switches or active distribution.

Feasible for the future, ASi-5 technology and protocol standard are fully downward compatible. AS-Interface devices and components used in the past can be integrated into ASi-5. Vice versa, the existing AS-Interface applications can continue to be used without restrictions, with the option of integrating new ASi-5 components.


In short: Simply said, ASi-5 sets new standards.