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Current information about the ASi-5 ASIC

You can find news about the ASi-5 ASIC at:


The new and innovative ASiMAG

Just in time for the actual start of the SPS, we would like to inform the world of automation about new products and solutions with our innovative ASiMAG e-paper Enjoy reading!

For the first time, the SPS - Smart Production Solutions - will not take place as a face-to-face event but in a purely virtual format. Just in time for the actual start of the trade fair, we would like to inform the world of automation about new products and solutions with our innovative ASiMAG e-paper Navigate comfortably and intuitively through our modern e-paper. You can deepen interesting content via further links. Enjoy reading!

You can find the complete edition E1 of the ASiMAG E-Paper here: ASiMAG E1 - 2020


Speed, ready for new automation tasks

The new technology ASi-5 is fast, ASi-5 is easy to connect, ASi-5 is the direct connection to the data highway. ASi-5 uses modern data communication. With OFDM technology the devices can communicate simultaneously by using different channels. Video language German


Video: 2 minutes AS Interface - diagnosis with the ASi-5 technology

ASi-5, the new technology of AS-Interface offers besides the clearly improved data transmission also new diagnostic opportunities. Learn more in our 2-minute video (video language German):

The diagnosis of ASi-5 technology offers channel and device diagnosis. Diagnostic data is transmitted via acyclic services. The detailed information enables predictive maintenance, optimized spare part management and more. Further information in the video (video language German):


With more data width, fit for new automation tasks

The new technology ASi-5 offers many new opportunities. The fundamental change is the form of data transmission and the resulting change in data width. Learn more in the current German video

In principle, all improvements of the system are based on these changes. Not only more complex devices can be addressed, but also the diagnosis of the system and many mores has been significantly improved.

Learn more in the current German video


Use AS-Interface wiring advantages for IO-Link

With AS-Interface, IO-Link can be connected effectively and, above all, cost-effectively. This makes this modern alternative to the analogue current interface network-compatible. The new ASi-5 technology makes this connection even more powerful. The current German YouTube video informs.


Brazil: More than 200 attendees at the keynote lecture AS-Interface

More than 200 engineers and technicians attended the AS-Interface presentation on the opening day at Week of Control and Automation in Brazil.


The 8th edition of the Inatel Week of Control and Automation takes place from 2-4 March 2020 at the national competence centre for communication technology INATEL, in Santa Rita do Sapucaí (a suburb of Sao Paulo), Brazil.

The Competence Center is a well-respected institute that sees itself as a transfer center in addition to its purpose of research and education. The Week of Control and Automation follows this tradition.

More than 200 engineers and technicians attended the AS-Interface presentation on the opening day.

The one hour lecture with the title: "Industry 4.0, supported by technology ASi-5" showed the advantages AS-Interface offers to the automation engineer. How the system is prepared for the digital change and how it is prepared for the future with the new ASi-5 technology.

For more information about the event:



AS-International: ASi-5 specification now available

During the general meeting mid-December 2019 in Gelnhausen, Germany, the project managers of the ASi-5 development collaboration, Dr. Thomas Sebastiany and Bernhard Wiedemann, officially handed the ASi-5 specification over to AS-International. The specification is now available to all members.

Through the next level of innovation ASi-5, AS-Interface is ready for the future and ready to master the challenges of digitalization. ASi-5 was developed to be the ideal data shuttle for digitalization, Industry 4.0, and the IOT, while keeping the proven simplicity of the AS-Interface system: Maintaining downward compatibility within the system as well as preserving already existing advantages like the simple wiring process and a topology-free network were core objectives during the development of ASi-5. This system update offers even more power and functionality: extended diagnostics, greater data width, shorter cycle times, more users and the option to easily integrate IO-Link.

Simultaneously with the technology project, an ASi-5 addressing app was designed. This app allows easy and comfortable addressing of ASi-5 components via smart phone or tablet.  

After multiple years developing ASi-5, the project is now finalized, tested, approved, and already part of the portfolio of several development partners. From now on, all AS-International Association members can use ASi-5 technology and the ASi-5 ASIC in their own development projects, and thus profit from the advanced technology. AS-Interface continues to guarantee compatibility with the ASi components of all other manufacturers.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank the ASi-5 development partners for the excellent cooperation and the mutual trust.


MA 2019 – Executive board confirmed

The members of the AS-International Association met on December 12, 2019 for the annual members´assembly in Gelnhausen. We reviewed last year, planned the activities for the coming year, handed over the ASi-5 specification and held board elections.

The elections went without any surprises and the board again consists of the following people:

Chairman: Jochen Bihl – Bihl+Wiedemann,
Vice-Chairman: Dr. Markus Platen – Siemens,
Treasurer: Michael Strauss – ifm,
Head of the technical commission: Dr. Thomas Sebastiany – Pepperl+Fuchs

In addition to the board elections, the meeting focused on the official handover of the ASi-5 specification, which is now available to all members of the AS-International Association.

We had a successful conference day and are confident about the new year 2020.


ASi at the PACK EXPO 2019 in Las Vegas

For the past 5 years, AS-Interface Organization and its member companies have been displaying ASi technology at the PACK EXPO, and the persistence is more than paying off.

When at the first shows most visitors at the booth, having not being exposed to the technology before, were very interested in the cable and the perspective of using such an easy and cost-efficient technology, a recognition of the technology is now evident. Many visitors already knew ASi and were curious about what the new technology ASi-5 is all about.

To achieve an even deeper understanding of what ASi technology stands for, we presented the advantages of ASi versus, or in combination with, other automation technologies on the Innovation Stage, were a lively discussion again showed the interest of the attendants.

Supported by Bihl+Wiedemann, ifm, Pepperl+Fuchs, and Schmersal, we pushed brand recognition on the North American market quite a bit further, making this show a great success for all involved.

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